Friday, April 3, 2009

DIB Group 2- Team Work

I had a chance to teached my students the value of real working experience through my class teaching. Really hope the students understand the meaning of it....I bet they realized bout it cause my students are BRILLIANT.
The facilitator divided the students in a group of 4-6. Each students are given a piece of paper. They are required to combine the paper into one big piece of paper which contain their future company logo. Opps..forgot to tell you..The theme of this assignment is Agricultural Industry.
Students are not allowed to combine their paper before they settle with their logo. So, this require a strong teamwork and effective communication among all the member.
Let's see some pictures.
Look at the outcome...

Final outcome..Peace everyone..

Choosing the right calor..

Lyly is concentrating with her FRUITELLA

Bilal and his geng..Focus..Focus...

Enjoying the moment..Berabut lah kmurang tu warna2..Limited calor


Intan and Hamizah is planning for their group..

Bersatu Kita...Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS)...Apa bah kmurang buat ni..

Cecilia, Sylvia and Clare...Padam..Padam..Salah tu..SALAH..

Intan: "Guys..Listen to me..I'm stress....Please"


Gyah said...

mr sapa yg manang tu???hahaha...

ct hajar @ nita said...

iya sapa yg menang tu? lama suda kami tggu2 nama pemenang ni.. huhuhuhuhu.

Frank said...

Pemenang dia is....SEMUA.....