Monday, March 30, 2009

Major Issue (Part 1)

Dear All,

This is the schedule for this week presentation:

DIB Group 1 (Auther's class) - We finished it on Friday. All 4 groups

DIB Group 2 (Francis' class) - We finished it tomorrow except Bilal's group. He is sick so his group will present on Friday together with Group 1

DBS Group 2 (Zahier's class)- This Wed (Zahier's group, Rini's group and Tizamuddin's Group)

All the best.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Major Report

Dear All (DIB & DBS Student's)

Please be reminded that the next presentation will take place NEXT WEEK (30/03/09- 03/04/09)

Get ready. All the best. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Score Sheet- Major Issue

Dear all,

Here is the score-sheet for tomorrow's presentation.

If you can not view it, copy it first by right click and save it as picture. You should be able to view the table after that.

Thanks to aley for his assistance.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Major Issue- Diploma in Banking Group 1 and 2

Dear All,

Please be reminded that our presentation tomorrow will be held as below:

Date: 24th March 2009 (Tuesday)
Time: 2.00-3.30pm (DIB Group 1)
4.30-6.00pm (DIB Group 2)
Venue: UiTM Gymnasium Hall

Each group needs to present on stage with mic for 30 mins (20mins for presentation, 10mins for Q & A). I will prepare all the equiptment.

Good luck and say hello to our JUDGE too.




Preparation For Major Issue Presentation- DIB & DBS

Dear students (DIB & DBS),

Please check out this website and prepare yourself for the presentation. Strive hard.....

All the best....Remember...Hua...Hua..Hua...all the way...

Diploma in Tourism Management- Blog


Some of you have not give me your link. This is is part of your On-Going Assesment Mark.




Student's life is just great. I missed my college days. Seeing my students happy and enjoy attending my class makes me feels like home.
The Hua..Hua..Hua activity which I had in my classes (DIB & DBS) several weeks ago remind me how important FOCUS element in every aspect of our life. The HUA..HUA..HUA although seems funny to everyone, but the element (if fully master) can bring changes in life. For example, if I focus on a thing/subject (normally the important one), I will project it on my face (eyebrow like super-saiya)
In a presentation session, focus can help you to catch some important facts:
a) Interested listener
b) Bored listener
c) To increase AURA of your own presentation
d) To give feedback effectively
e) etc...etc...etc...(So many advantages of focus...u name it)
Here are some of the pictures during the HUA..HUA..HUA was a 15-20mins activity before we start our class.

Part of DBS 06 students with me

Demo session by the instructor with Ledia

Focus Ledia...Focus....
This one better....Din and Mary
So...Keep on HUA..HUA...HUA...Everyone.....hehehehehhee

Saturday, March 21, 2009

We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.Limited Edition

JASON MRAZ's pretty funny when I myself don't know the reason for me to buy this CD (actually 2 CD and 1 DVD).

Maybe because of the packaging that is so unique. White calor with a funny face cartoon. Well, I can say the price is reasonable too....RM39.90.

My favourites will be I'm yours, Lucky(feat Colbie Caillat) and If It Kills regret of this CD's at all.

Besides of this face...there are 2 more faces. Want to view it? Buy la.....apa free saja ka...Ni la orang Malaysia ni....

Funny...Funny....Well, I have to admit. I'm admire the packaging actually. Unique...Creative and full of Innovation. Who on earth will think White packaging is not attractive..Stupid!!!Hahahahah

Diploma in banking- BMD6B1


Here is the schedule for next week presentation:


1. Pizza Hut Restaurant

2. Padini Concept Store

3. RX Enterprise

Please be reminded that each group is given 30 minutes to present (including Q & A). There will be at least 1 EXTERNAL Examiner who will come and observe your presentation.

Give your best...I know everyone of you can do it. GOOD LUCK & ALL THE BEST!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Indian Nite 2009

Indian Nite was just too new for me. Frankly speaking, this is the first time for me to wore Indian costume. The Indian Nite was an event organized by Diploma in Tourism Management of UiTM Sabah students (part of their syllabus)

Here are some of the pictures: (Will talk about it later...I'm sleepy..)

Pic 1: My student (Wani) with her beautiful Indian costume.

Pic 2: Mdm. Christina J. Luan, Mandarin Lecturer and her previous student (now lecturer) Mr. Franklin from the Faculty of Business Management

Pic 3: Mr. Eldrin (Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management) VS Mr. Franklin Lai (Faculty of Business Management)

Wanna know more...stay tune for more hot stories. Haven't write a full report bout this. :)

Diploma In Business Studies- Creativity and Innovation Assignment

Dear Students,

Pardon me if the result for your class is a bit late. I'm in the mid of searching for more pictures.

Should you have any pictures regarding this assignment, please feel free to send me a copy of it. Have the result already.


Business Development (MGT 362)- Diploma in Banking (Group 2)


Here is the schedule for next week presentation:

Date: 24th March 2009 (Tuesday)
1. Step- In Lodge (Elesta & Gang)
2. Ararat Sports & Souvenier (Sabariah & Gang)
3. Topocean (Ancis and Gang)

The remaining group will present their findings next class. Please be prepared....Give me something WOW....No slides reading...


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Principle of Management: Test 2

Well done ladies and gentlemen for the good job.

Despite of the GOOD result, there are still some of you who did not managed to score well in this test. Work harder..I know you can do it.

Here is the top 3 (Three) who will receive their reward next week:

1. Ms. Andrea Binti Justine - 90% (Rank 1)
2. Mr. Abdul Afif Aizad - 88% (Rank 2)
3. Ms. Azirah Aziz - 85% (Rank 3)

a) KFC
b) McDonald's
c) Big Apple

(Choose ONE only)

I will personally drive the three of you to 1B. No need to worry about the transportation.

Congratz once again. Work even harder for the next test and final exam. To those who are not in the top three...there is always a chance for everybody as long as you strive hard.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Creativity and Innovation is the RULES of the game

A lot of people are so afraid of doing business. Not because of $$MONEY$$'s all about the competition available in the market. Customer nowadays are smart..they look at creativity of a business to serve their needs and wants...not forgetting innovation in creation of products and services.

With that reason, my recent classes (DIBG1&2/ DBSG2) were assigned with a group project which had stimulated their teamwork spirit, creativity and innovation. I can considered my objective of learning was succesfully acheived; as all the teams presented a good idea that day.

Theme of the presentation : The Agricultural Industry

Each group were given 10-15 minutes to present their company. The company that they presented was totally a new company. Let the pictures tell you the story:

Group 1: Cocomp Sdn. Bhd

Group 2: Wagas Tokou Sdn. Bhd

Group 3: Kepayas Forever

Group 4: Innershine Beauty

Group 5: Garruppa Sdn. Bhd

Group 6: Bard's Florist

U guys did ver well for this presentation. Well done and brovo. Here is the result:

  1. Cocomp Sdn. Bhd - 85% (A)
  2. Kepayas Forever - 90% (A)
  3. Wagas Tokou Sdn. Bhd - 90% (A)
  4. Garruppa Sdn. Bhd - 80% (A)
  5. Innershine - 90% (A)
  6. Bards Florist - 85% (A)

There are 3 winners for this presentation, but I've chosed Innershine as the main prize winner. You guys shall received your reward this week.

Keep up the good work everyone.