Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cancellation of PUMS

Dear beloved students,

First of all, let me extend the gratitude of MEDEC Sabah for your kindness to registered as volunteer for this program.

We would like to inform that the program has been postponed to another date (which is not confirm yet) due to several unexpected problem.

Should there is any latest information, we will inform everyone as soon as possible. As for the time-being, we will keep your name in our list as the top priority person if the program is on.

Thanks again.




Fareez@Roey said...

ermm..harap2 lar program nie akn d truskn...

afif aizad said...

haha..nasib,dpt jugak tengok transformer 2:Revenge of the fallen 24 jun..ngeh3..

Fareez@Roey said...

haha..c afif..ada plan B rupanya..

Anonymous said...

uiks..tol bha kena kc batal ni?