Sunday, August 9, 2009

MGT361- Introduction to International Business

Dear students,

You group list for this week presentation will be out latest by today, Aug 10, 2009, 5PM.




Hazley said...

Group 1: Zanariah Mustari, Suzie Akip & Iskandar,Maxim

Topic: Foreign Exchange Market
a) What is foreign exchange market?
b)What are the uses of foreign exchange market

Group 2: Suzana Gapor, Chester, Siti Maisarah, Sri Harmasuzi, Mariano,

Topic: The Economics of Foreign Exchange

a) What is currency worth?
b) What determines exchange rates?
c) Determination of the Equilibrium Price?

Group 3: Zyzy, Sheril, Lorraine,izzul, arnold, daniel

Topic: The international capital market

a) Major international banks
b) The Eurocurrency Market
c) The international Bond Market
d) Global Equity Markets
e) Offshore financial centres

Hazley said...

Don't forget to practice your Presentation Skills. Be creative and fun...Tia mo yang boring2...tulung la..

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