Thursday, March 19, 2009

Principle of Management: Test 2

Well done ladies and gentlemen for the good job.

Despite of the GOOD result, there are still some of you who did not managed to score well in this test. Work harder..I know you can do it.

Here is the top 3 (Three) who will receive their reward next week:

1. Ms. Andrea Binti Justine - 90% (Rank 1)
2. Mr. Abdul Afif Aizad - 88% (Rank 2)
3. Ms. Azirah Aziz - 85% (Rank 3)

a) KFC
b) McDonald's
c) Big Apple

(Choose ONE only)

I will personally drive the three of you to 1B. No need to worry about the transportation.

Congratz once again. Work even harder for the next test and final exam. To those who are not in the top three...there is always a chance for everybody as long as you strive hard.


Fareez@Roey said...

wah..congratz yeah guyz...kecewa ak bha..huhu..they motivate me to more study and I will do the best next test..Mr Frank,next test ada reward ka?? haha..just joking arr..

Hazley said...

Good...that's the spirit Fareez.

St. Felix said...

huhuhu..nda pa la bkn ape jg hadiah 2.. tp best jg la kdg2 klu kna nda next tym sy pnya turn lg 2..jaga2 la korg..sepa suru bwt sy jeles..hehehe

afif aizad said...

nda ensem oo gambr ak sana..haiiizzz