Monday, March 9, 2009

Creativity and Innovation is the RULES of the game

A lot of people are so afraid of doing business. Not because of $$MONEY$$'s all about the competition available in the market. Customer nowadays are smart..they look at creativity of a business to serve their needs and wants...not forgetting innovation in creation of products and services.

With that reason, my recent classes (DIBG1&2/ DBSG2) were assigned with a group project which had stimulated their teamwork spirit, creativity and innovation. I can considered my objective of learning was succesfully acheived; as all the teams presented a good idea that day.

Theme of the presentation : The Agricultural Industry

Each group were given 10-15 minutes to present their company. The company that they presented was totally a new company. Let the pictures tell you the story:

Group 1: Cocomp Sdn. Bhd

Group 2: Wagas Tokou Sdn. Bhd

Group 3: Kepayas Forever

Group 4: Innershine Beauty

Group 5: Garruppa Sdn. Bhd

Group 6: Bard's Florist

U guys did ver well for this presentation. Well done and brovo. Here is the result:

  1. Cocomp Sdn. Bhd - 85% (A)
  2. Kepayas Forever - 90% (A)
  3. Wagas Tokou Sdn. Bhd - 90% (A)
  4. Garruppa Sdn. Bhd - 80% (A)
  5. Innershine - 90% (A)
  6. Bards Florist - 85% (A)

There are 3 winners for this presentation, but I've chosed Innershine as the main prize winner. You guys shall received your reward this week.

Keep up the good work everyone.

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shahril aley said...

mr frank, saya punye point brp?
tak de pun nama dlm list tu....