Saturday, March 21, 2009

We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.Limited Edition

JASON MRAZ's pretty funny when I myself don't know the reason for me to buy this CD (actually 2 CD and 1 DVD).

Maybe because of the packaging that is so unique. White calor with a funny face cartoon. Well, I can say the price is reasonable too....RM39.90.

My favourites will be I'm yours, Lucky(feat Colbie Caillat) and If It Kills regret of this CD's at all.

Besides of this face...there are 2 more faces. Want to view it? Buy la.....apa free saja ka...Ni la orang Malaysia ni....

Funny...Funny....Well, I have to admit. I'm admire the packaging actually. Unique...Creative and full of Innovation. Who on earth will think White packaging is not attractive..Stupid!!!Hahahahah


i want to fly said...

i like him too.
la la la~~
especially,the song called life is beautiful~~~

shahril aley said...

wei frank
mau 1 boleh?

Hazley said...

Thanks "i want to fly". Welcome to my blog.