Sunday, March 22, 2009


Student's life is just great. I missed my college days. Seeing my students happy and enjoy attending my class makes me feels like home.
The Hua..Hua..Hua activity which I had in my classes (DIB & DBS) several weeks ago remind me how important FOCUS element in every aspect of our life. The HUA..HUA..HUA although seems funny to everyone, but the element (if fully master) can bring changes in life. For example, if I focus on a thing/subject (normally the important one), I will project it on my face (eyebrow like super-saiya)
In a presentation session, focus can help you to catch some important facts:
a) Interested listener
b) Bored listener
c) To increase AURA of your own presentation
d) To give feedback effectively
e) etc...etc...etc...(So many advantages of focus...u name it)
Here are some of the pictures during the HUA..HUA..HUA was a 15-20mins activity before we start our class.

Part of DBS 06 students with me

Demo session by the instructor with Ledia

Focus Ledia...Focus....
This one better....Din and Mary
So...Keep on HUA..HUA...HUA...Everyone.....hehehehehhee